This morning I took the kids to donuts. We got dressed early. We delivered chocolate long johns to Meg at work. We remembered bags, drinks, lunches, masks, even picture day (Darcy did her own hair, which is better… Dad is still not up to the task!), and we made it to school a bit early. There E again explained he wants to grow up to be PE Coach Mattson. “He plays fun games all day and has his own office!”

It was a great morning. But it was not a random donut trip… we went as an apology for last Friday. Darcy and I had a huge yelling match. She refused to dooooo… something. I can’t even remember. But we both were so angry. And the morning ended drying tears and apologizing, all as I dropped her and E off to start the day!

Watching them walking into school… when I got to the office I cut and pasted together a donut card. “I donut want to get angry. I am sorry.” And I promised donuts.

I will keep working to make everyday like today. And that is part of what it means to be a follower of Christ. We live in this world, but we know God has a better reality. Everyday we seek to live as Jesus. So that the reality of heaven — donuts included! — is experienced today.

This Sunday we continue the Re Solve series. Moving into the future with God. It follows Chandler’s daily bible readings. This week we land on a difficult part of scripture: slavery. We will look at Paul’s reference in Titus and also his letter to Philemon. Between the two, I think we find the move from today to God’s desire. I hope you will join us at 10:30 — in person with with masks or streaming online.

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