“I am here today because I believe that Facebook’s products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.” — Frances Haugen, testifying before the Senate (Article Link).

How often have you wished our social media feeds were just family pics, dad jokes, and cat memes? I realize we are the ones sharing and posting… but the whistle blower uncovers the truth. While it is our bad behavior, the company’s algorithms are designed to encourage, to amplify, to spread our bad behavior!

It is like Tobacco companies: our product causes cancer, but gosh it makes us a lot of money… so lets advertise to children. Which is exactly what Facebook was about to do by creating Instagram Kids (now tabled).

So how do we respond? For those who have renounced Facebook and all social media, I understand. I considered that option all this week. Still – unlike cigarettes – not all of social media is a cancer. So how do we actively amplify the joy? Beyond posting more dad jokes 😉 the answer is – as in all of life – to make our decisions based on Jesus. We choose to use Facebook (and Twitter and Tik-Tok…) to spread hope, love, peace, life.

Chandler is in a worship series on Revelation. As I shared last week, the core point is not mapping out the end of time. Instead the book lifts the veil on this world. It allows us to see Good and Evil at work. The pages call us to be victorious by choosing Christ.

Frances Haugen lifted the veil on Facebook. We can see the Devil at work in the algorithm, but you and I are also participating. Servants of Good. In everything let us choose Jesus. He is the rightful King — even of Facebook. He came and continues to work to bring salvation to this world. Our posts and comments should bring this victory — not exclusion or hate (or profits), but joy and hope. We should unveil that each person is valued by God!

This Sunday we are in Revelation 2. Jesus begins each message to the seven churchs with “I know…” He does not simply know the facts of our life, but he empathizes with us. He has walked and suffered. He has been tempted. He knows… you. He has not forgotten or disregarded you. But He believes you are valuable – so much so that you are a part of the salvation mission! I hope you will join us Sunday at 10:30, in-person with masks or streaming on Youtube and… yes, still on Facebook! (See it is not all bad!)

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