Ezekiel got out at carline and tried to put on a new reversible mask. As he put on the mask he saw a print design, so flipped it over… design, flipped it back… “What is the matter with this thing?!!!”

We were running late for school… Grabbing masks, putting on shoes, “Darcy you will have eat on the way!” … as we drove down the street Darcy shouted, “what just flew over the car?!” Hearing the crash, I realized what happened and pulled over. In our rush, I had put Darcy’s breakfast on the roof.

As we got out to inspect apple butter toast remains (Corelle doesn’t break; it shatters!) our neighbor came running up, “what happened?!!”. Soon she was laughing. As I took a picture, I snapped E throwing plate shards.

I got the kids to school. And returned home to grab a broom. Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day has taught me that some days are like this… but days like this occur a lot more when I am in charge! As E says, “What is the matter with this [Dad]?!!!”

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