Input Output

Ezekiel is full of epic stories. Heroes, monsters, blasters… The ride to school is always an adventure. And if E had his way, we would never wait in line. The cars around us become villains, which we blast with lasers, and imagine them burnt to a crisp. Often he doesn’t use any words, all I hear are swooshes of propulsion and shrapnel exploding sound effects.

But occasionally he fills me in with the storyline. This morning he explained there were attacking narwhal squids that could swim in lava, to which I asked, how did you think of that?

My brain told me!

This was a great way to describe our inner world. Sometimes I think of my brain as housing “me”, but in reality my brain (or at least part of my brain) is a tool. A tool that can creatively rearrange all it files of information (narwhal squid!), but also a tool that does not always cooperate. It can toss out a random fact (“squirrel!”) or refuse to give needed information (we say, “it is on the tip of my tongue”, but really our brain is snickering and will wake you up at two am remembering the forgotten detail).

But my brain only outputs what I input. Which makes Revelation 3:20 all the more important. I need to fill my brain with Jesus’ fellowship. With grace and love. So that it constantly reminds me of those truths. While I may still ponder annihilating traffic with laser beams 😉 , I will also contemplate hands reaching to help!

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. (Rev 3:20)

This Sunday we continue our series on Revelation, this week chapter 3. At the core Revelation is not about times, dates, or events. Instead it is unveiling the powers at work in the world. Reminding us who is King! I hope you join us this Sunday at 10:30, in person with masks or streaming on Facebook or Youtube.

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