The day after I shoveled the drive, Ezekiel was using the shovel to put the snow back on the driveway. “What are you doing?” “I am covering the driveway.” But you notice he is in Avatar PJs, with no shoes. Typical February, the weather is all over the map, and the snow isn’t staying on the driveway!

Some things are easy to fix. Ivy cut through the bottom of the baklava pan — get a new pan, slide the baklava in, it is ready for tonight’s auction. Others are much more difficult. Consider a broken heart.

God promises to give us the “desires of our heart” (Psalm 37:4). But, while I love God, I am still waiting on my Tesla. Did God over promise?

The only hope for Ezekiel’s snow pile is for the ground temperature to change. In the same way, our hearts must be grounded in Christ to fulfill God’s promise. Then you realize what your heart really needs and the gifts of God unfold in the relationships around you.

This Sunday we finish our series, Hearing through the Noise. We land in Psalm 37. I hope you join our worship at 10:30 (in person or streaming on Facebook and Youtube). And then consider joining our Ash Wednesday service (3/2 at 6pm). This begins the season of Lent and our journey to Easter.

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