Here is the report from Jenny in Haiti — thank you for faithfully giving to make this happen! (At Christmas we sent gift bags for kids in the mountain community Magandou, including toys and practical gifts, also children’s books in French. Then we sent solar powered lights for each house.):

For the event, we sent personal invitations to each child via Jacque Lucien. EVERY Child came to the party, which is amazing! As they arrived, each child had their height and weight checked for our nutrition program screening- looking for at-risk kids who are under the growth chart. Then they joined their groups. The kids were put in 5 similar age groups and one of our staff guided the group. You will know these guys- Ose, Fanfan, Raynald, Gertha and Nagela. They had art time- coloring and using stickers for their piece. Once all had arrived and finished their creations, they washed hands and we had a big meal- Chicken, nutritionally enhanced rice ( provided by Hope Changes Everything- it’s called TiPanik in Haiti.). then we had story time with Jeanson reading Le Petit Prince for the group. Then they received their gift bags. Some did open them- most at least looked inside but didn’t want to open them at the tables. When dismissed, they also received packages of the Tipanik ( nutritionally enhanced rice) in the big bags to take home to their families. It was awesome! We sang and had a good time!

I wish I had designated a photographer so we could have caught it all! (Below are the photos she sent.)

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