We are about to set off on another Valentine Scavenger Hunt. With the world playing Wordle (including me, Meg, and Ivy) that seemed an appropriate hunt theme. If you have not started playing Wordle, you should (start now!). It is a simple search for a five letter word and it doesn’t induce any four letter words. Instead I finding a calming!

I am sure there are wiser paths to victory, but I always begin with a word on my mind. For instance, today I started with “Tacos”. Yum! The game eliminates the wrong letters and lets me know if I have right letters in the correct (green) or incorrect (gold) place. My strategy, choosing what is on my mind, works. It helps that there are only 26 letters, and 6 tries adds up to 30 letters!

I find this same strategy works in relationships. Just keep sharing your joy. Sometimes you might be completely wrong, so you adjust. But keep showing up. And eventually it all turns green and you move forward together.

This is true with my valentine, Meg, it is true with our kids (Ivy: “when I’m grown up, I am going to come back for the Valentine Hunt”), this is true with God. Simply trying is the most important part. Genuine effort unlocks the heart. Allows us to HEAR the one we love.

“If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and share a meal with that person.” – Jesus, Revelation 3:20

This Sunday we continue our theme, Hearing through the Noise, opening our hearts to hear from God. We will look at Peter in Acts 10, who was hungry, so God brought food! I hope you join us at 10:30 in person or streaming on Facebook and Youtube.

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