Beyond Expectations

I asked the Stage Design Team (Jessica, Kim, and Karlan) if they could create water on stage. Maybe put down some blue plastic… out some cardboard waves… This was on Wednesday – for Sunday, so I thought they may even say, “no, not enough time.” Instead by yesterday they had built this:

Now they are searching for a water pump for a fountain… way beyond my expectations.

I hope you have been reading our daily Lent passages. Each comes from the Old Testament and points toward the transformation in Jesus. Without Jesus it is easy to misread the passages (hence many did not believe in him), but that is in part because our expectations are too small!

Take the end of this morning’s scripture, Isaiah 52:13-15. In the light of Christ “raised up” means something completely different than expected! But then so does “sprinkle many nations”. It is easy to believe God will be raised up into power over the world. But who would ponder God as a sacrifice to cover the world with salvation?? — the Messiah is better than I could imagine!

On Sunday we will take messages in bottles to the cross — to Jesus (hence the water!). We send out words, evens cries of hope and fear, to our Savior. But these messages don’t float aimlessly. For the cross becomes a way for us to walk with God. Jesus knows our cries, our prayers. God walks with us and continues to save us!

But you will not leave in haste or go in flight;
for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard. (Isaiah 52:12)

Join us at Chandler this Sunday at 10:30. We will have empty 20oz soda bottles, but if you have one to bring, please do! Our passage is Isaiah 53, the Messiah took our pain, bore our suffering… Jesus is better than you could envision.

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