A creative book report asked Phoebe’s class to summarize themes through art. A poem, a painting… Phoebe chose to write a song. Over the weekend she started writing verses, the chorus, marking the notes as she played on her flute. She was still scrambling by the end of the week. But we needed to film. She played the verses — FOUR — and choruses on her flute. Then with that instrumental playing, she sang. Of course in such a hurry, she had not practiced. There were only a few mistakes with the flute, but each mistake threw her vocals… we restarted. I promised to splice parts… it was past bedtime and I was announcing we need to stop filming and start editing when she realized, she had skipped a verse, there were actually five!

She melted down (it was late) and I … well, the song was already five minutes, so I just started laughing. And I went to editing, combining the two, so she was playing and singing. But I will be honest, I am not a professional. After the first minute the song was… struggling. I praised Phoebe for being brave and attempting something so epic. Sometimes we just need more time. So I helped her send the file to the teacher’s Google Drive.

At class the next day every student would present their project. Phoebe was so worried (hence Meg’s text). When her turn came though, the film was so large it would only play the first 30 seconds… and the teacher took her written lyrics for the rest (later giving her a 100%). Everyone thought Phoebe was amazing! And she is!

And so is grace.

Here is the first part of her song… the rest… only her Father needs to know about that.

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