Church Softball began this past week. I was placed in the all important role of catcher — where you field your worst player. But they keep me around for power hitting 😉 though I actually did hit a legitimate double. Plus a couple singles, a lot of popups, and one strike out… yes, I struck out in slow pitch softball (see why I am catching?).

But this article is not about epic athletic ability. Instead, it is about recovery. Monday morning I sent a single word to Tim, “#old”. I was shuffling downstairs. But rather than improve, I was worse on Tuesday. Ah, life in my forties…

I started feeling better by Wednesday, but at my routine checkup my blood pressure was way up — “I have a new teenage driver…”, but my Doctor was not buying my excuses. Instead he gave me homework. The kind of homework old people get… I had to buy a blood pressure monitor and take my measurement every evening.

Age slowly creeps up on us. We don’t notice getting older… then all of sudden the doctor prescribes a blood pressure monitor. Or your “kindergartner” is somehow graduating high school. Or your high school style is back in fashion. Which at first, you embrace, you still have a lot of those clothes. Until you try them on and think, I look ridiculous. Who would ever think this was cool?… with that thought you realize, not only am I old, I am my parents!

In the slow trickle it is easy to let things you meant to do pass by… you will get to them tomorrow.

This week, more than most, I am reminded not to wait. Tomorrow never comes, we only have today.

3 thoughts on “Age

  1. Oh my gosh this cracked me up. Been there done that. Ohh and still finding “getting old” stuff happenings!!

  2. Yep. I got the blood pressure cuff about 9 months ago. I was insulted that my body dared to have high BP! But, alas, it runs in the family.

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