I waved as Ivy drove off to volunteer at the elementary summer school. Then I saw my keys… still hanging in the mailbox… “Oh, that is where I left them!” Overnight, in the rain.

My keys, my wallet, my wedding ring… are constantly missing (I suppose many other things are lost too, I just won’t realize until I find them in six months). I need my keys to leave, so every few days I am running around asking the children for help. I try to avoid asking Meg — I still want her to think I am impressive… or at least passable… as a husband 🙂

“The Word became flesh…” (John 1:14)

The incarnation is amazing, but also mind boggling. Can you imagine God as a human, retracing his steps, wondering “when did I last have it?” … that is how all my projects go, half the time spent looking for the ratchet I just had. As a carpenter did Jesus pick up his mallet, only to wonder, where did I put the chisel?

This Sunday we start our Summer Message Series: Transformed. We will work through the book of John, two chapters each week. The message will focus on one passage and during the week I will send out thoughts as you read the chapters. I hope you will join our worship this Sunday and commit to reading John with us this Summer!!

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