Last week I had lunch with my friend and mentor Dave. Yesterday we both tested postive for covid. This lead to a series of texts…

I do wonder, did I infect Dave? Of course we are both getting sick at the same time. And our lunch included a non-denominational pastor. Can you really trust those guys?…

This, for the vaccinated and boosted me, is the worst part of covid. I preached on Sunday. I played softball with the church team Sunday night. I just thought I was “dad of four” tired with allergies until real symptoms set in Monday morning. Did I infect all those people?

The softball team responded with jokes, “sharing is caring”, “do unto others before they do unto you”, and to let me know the two catches I made in right field were so surprising, my “body couldn’t handle it”!

I am surprised. A bit with the catches, but mostly by the laughter I am sharing with friends. Covid is a terrible thing and I hate to think I might be a part of the spread. But community is wonderful. It is healing for the all of the terrible things spread in our world.

4 thoughts on “Covid

  1. Your love is showing, again!
    Take care and heal up. You are currently suffering from Covid guilt. Let it go so your soul may heal also. You know this, it all happens for a reason!
    Sending healing prayers!

  2. That’s the fun of COVID and the vaccines. They’re NOT going to prevent you from catching it, particularly not the new variants. But they WILL make what you do catch a lot weaker, and easier to fight off. If you’ve got a healthy immune system like most folks, you’ll bounce back pretty quick. It’s the folks with the weakened systems that I get all twitchy about. Definitely will be praying for you and a speedy and FULL recovery.

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